Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Phone Calls vs Texting

The modern man has evolved but when it comes to communication, they are still back in the cave man era. Guys do not like to talk on the phone. These days, it’s all about texting. Yes texting is fast and convenient, but in a relationship – especially in NYC where “out-of-sight equals out-of-mind”-  phone calls are essential.
A phone conversation is important to women because we want to hear vocal tones, laughs, passion, and intensity and that only comes across via a phone conversation. Texting is one dimensional. A phone call allows us to feel more connected to that guy on the other end of the call. And if the conversation is good, it can be a memorable experience for both sides, a foundation needed for a solid relationship.
I am definitely not the only woman thinking this. I’ve had lots of conversations with girlfriends. Guys not picking up the phone is a constant point of frustration for us. Other women have even taken this gripe to Twitter. One Tweeter went so far as to say men text because they are incapable of having a mature phone conversation. I wouldn’t go that far but it’s possible.
Too much texting can lead to communication problems in a relationship. There is no emotion in a text message. A lot of what is texted is left up to the reader’s interpretation. And if they are not reading the message the way it was intended by the sender, that can cause confusion. It can also lead to unnecessary arguments. So it’s important for Guys to realize that certain topics need to be talked about over the phone.
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Thursday, November 21, 2013

200 Words With Alaya Johnson

Alaya Dawn Johnson is a New York City-based author who enjoys writing speculative fiction. She has seven published novels that range from science fiction and fantasy to horror. In addition to writing novels, Johnson published and re-published approximately fifteen short stories in various magazines and anthologies. She has also written a few articles, but chooses to stay devoted to her love of fiction writing.
Her desire to write flourished during her teenage years. It was then that she made her first attempt at writing a novel and imagined herself becoming a famous teen phenomenon. However, Johnson never completed this novel or any others until she was in college. While attending Columbia University, Johnson got into fan fiction writing, which led to her complete her first two novels.

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dubwork: "Still Dreaming" Listening Event

Last Tuesday night I ventured to Harlem (which I rarely ever do) to attend Dubwork's "Still Dreaming" mixtape listening event. I first became familiar with Dubwork's music earlier year when I heard, loved, and blogged about his single "Pinot Grigio." With that single being one of my favorite songs for months, I was more than happy to attend his listening event. 

I arrived at Stadium Red Studios around 8pm and watched Dubwork's team eagerly set up the room. From festive finger foods, free dranks, to a step and repeat; I quickly learned Dubwork has a solid group of people around him who are willing to play their part in order to help him succeed. 

His team plastered the studio and adjoining room walls with images of Dubwork's side profile and attention stealing beard. Everything was well put together, and that set the tone for how the night would go.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Kevin Carter & His Award Winning Photo

Born in 1960, Kevin Carter was an award winning South African photojournalist. He began his career photographing scenes of the violent struggle against Apartheid in South Africa. However, it was a 1993 picture of a famine victim in Sudan that would change his life forever.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Chance The Rapper

I normally don't blog about the Hip Hop concerts I attend because there isn't much to tell. 
The show usually consists of the rapper and a hype man walking around the stage while shaking fans hands and rapping their lyrics.

But on Wednesday night Change The Rapper put on big stage show, in a small venue; 
which warrants a blog post. 

For a rapper that is just starting out I could tell he put a lot of work into the delivery of his 
Social Experiment Tour. Performing with special lighting effects and a band; 
on a scale of 1-10, Chance's energy was at a 20.