Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I'm Attached To My Cell Phone

I remember the day I received my first cell phone, it was a Nokia. I was in 11th grade and my parents
got it for me because I just started driving and they wanted me to have it in case of an emergency.

However, I never used it. I was the first in my circle of friends to have one, 
so it just sat turned off in my purse or backpack.

But as the years went on an cell phone technology changed I have become increasingly attached to my cell phone. In the last couple of months I have noticed, even if I'm just sitting, I have to have it right next to me. In some ways it's like my child. I'm frantic if I can't find it and I always handle it with care. 

In noticing this behaviour I have decided to slowly ween myself away from my cell phone. So I try to turn it off for at least an hour or more everyday and not worry about who might text or call, 
or what I may be missing on Twitter or Instagram. 

I don't want to be totally dependant on my cell phone. I don't want to end up becoming so 
attached to it that I become uninterested in having conversations and interactions with people in real life.

And I certainly do not want to miss things that are going on around me because I'm so 
wrapped up in my cell phone.

The video below is funny and has different scenes that we can all relate to; 
and are even guilty of doing at some point.

But the message they are trying to convey is an important one.

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