Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hair Issues

Hair texture is an issue that seems like it will not be leaving anytime soon. As more women decide to go natural vs getting a perm, the issue of hair touching comes into play. Women that have natural hairstyles tend to get a lot of attention for it and get asked, "Can I touch your hair?"

I've had people ask to touch my hair and I don't remember ever feeling upset or offended by it. I often  thought of it as a compliment. I once had a white co-worker tell me that she loved black women's hair because we are able to do so many different styles with it. 

 On the flip side, 
I understand that it can become annoying if your constantly asked.
No one wants to feel like some sort of side show because of their hair style choices.

Either way, the fascination with hair styles is not going to go away.
It's everyone's personal decision on how they feel about letting people touch their hair. 
I like that the women in the video have decided to embrace the attention they receive for it.

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