Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Testimony That Started With A Dream

(Continuing from last week's post) Dreams are important for so many reasons. Having spent years not knowing what career path to take in life, I know the importance of figuring out your passion and following your dreams. Doing what you were created to do brings about a sense of fulfillment that nothing else can replace.

I spent six years at a job in advertising that did nothing for me. After leaving that job in 2012 I wondered why God allowed me to stay there for so long; to later have me move into the field of writing.

One day God revealed to me that I was at that job for six years for a few reasons:

-Being there helped me realize I needed to figure out my passion and purpose. I needed to figure out my dream career.
-Once I figured it out, I learned the importance of setting goals so I could fulfill my dream of being a writer.
-Once I set my goals, I gained courage. Courage to step out in Faith and leave that advertising job and pursue writing because it is my passion. It is my purpose.
-And once I left that job I realize office life is not for me. And for that revelation, I plan to never go back to it.
(I keep this picture on my desktop as a reminder)

 Not to knock any one's career or job, but this is not my path.
And having worked in a setting that looked just like this picture,
I know this is not where I am suppose to be.

In addition to what I mentioned above, the most important thing that God revealed to me about why I was at that job for so long is to have a testimony. You have to go through a test to have a testimony. My test was that job.

In order to have a story to tell people or to encourage them, you have to have experienced what they are currently struggling with. For example: how can someone who never struggled with drugs tell a drug addict to stop? They can, but the drug addict will response to someone who was once an addict because that person understands their current struggle.

God allowed me to stay at that job to go through something so I can encourage and help others get through the same thing. With that experience I am able to give people a first hand account of what it was like for me to not know what my passion was, to now be doing something I thoroughly enjoy everyday.

Deciding to follow or not follow your dreams can be a matter
 of living your life, or simply going through the motions.

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