Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A 9/11 Miracle

I was fresh out of high school, still living with my parents on 9/11/01. I remember that morning like it was yesterday. And for some reason the events that took place that day hold a special place in my heart. Maybe it's the fact that this was my Pearl Harbor, or it could be the fact that I watched live on TV as the second plane hit one of the towers... 

But every year I watch the same 9/11 specials that start airing right after Labor Day. One story that I watch over and over is the story of Stanley Praimnath and Brian Clark.

Stanley (sitting in the pic above) worked on the 81st floor of the second tower that was hit. After the first tower was hit Stanley was nervous, yet unaware that a plane hit the other tower, he left his office and made it down to the first floor. Once there a security guard told him the building was safe and that he should go back up to his office.

When Stanley got back to his office something caught his eye. When he turned to get a good look at it, he saw an airplane flying straight towards him. At that point he got under his desk and yelled"Lord, I can't do this! You take over!" And that is exactly what the Lord did. The left wing of the plane cut through his office and got stuck in a door twenty feet away from him. 

Brian Clark's office was located a few floors above the point of impact. Brian and a co-worker were able to get to the stairwell and started heading down. As they were passing the 81st floor they heard Stanley calling out for help. Brian went into the wreckage and helped free Stanley who was trapped under fallen debris. Once Stanley was free, they went to the stairwell and headed down toward the first floor. 

Brian and Stanley stopped at the 44th floor where they encountered several injured people, one asked them to call 911 once they got to a floor that had working phone lines.

When Brian and Stanley got to the 31st floor they were able to call 911 and they both were able call their families.

Once Stanley and Brian were out of the tower they were told to run. When they were two blocks away they stopped and looked back at the building. Stanley commented that the buildings looked like they were going to fall. Before Brian could even finishing his sentence, remarking that the buildings were solid, the tower from which they just came out of started to fall. 

That fact that Stanley survived and made it out of the building is nothing short of a miracle. And Brian being able to pass through the point of impact to help rescue Stanley shows great courage and selflessness.

Even though this was over ten years ago, it's these stories that honestly give me hope for our society. It's the things we do for each other, not because we have to but because we want to, that makes me feel that there are still decent people in this crazy world.

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