Thursday, August 22, 2013

We Have to Do Better

In almost every situation there is one or a few people that ruin something for everyone else. Case and point, the 3 teens in Oklahoma that killed a baseball player for "sport." After we all were so outraged by Trayvon Martin being profiled by George Zimmerman, this situation comes along to basically prove Zimmerman's reasons for thinking Trayvon was up to something. Not that I agree with Zimmerman following and killing Trayvon, but after seeing the way many teenage black boys carry themselves and act, I see why they get stereotyped.

After the Zimmerman verdict was read, I was upset like everyone else. But I tried to look on the bright side. Thinking Trayvon's family could turn this negative situation into a positive. (Kind of like what happened with the creation of the "Amber Alert.")

But this Oklahoma situation has pushed my hopes back to where they once were, in the trash. All the healthy dialogue that the Zimmerman case created regarding stopping the stereotyping of black men and teens seems to be in vain. How can you push for stereotyping to stop, when there are actually people out here doing exactly what Zimmerman thought Trayvon could possibly be doing.

If black teenage boys are actually committing activity that they get stereotyped for, how is the problem every going to get better? If their actions don't change, how do you change the way the world perceives them?

In my opinion, this is where parenting comes into play. For those three boys in Oklahoma, where were their parents? I get that parents can't monitor their kids 24/7, but how are they not aware of the stuff their kids posted on social media for the world to see? Had the parents been aware of their kids online foolishness, they probably could have intervened before the three decided to kill for the fun of it.

It's just plan sad that people don't get it. We really have to do better.

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