Friday, August 2, 2013

Stop Complaining

One of my biggest annoyances is when a girl complains about her "baby daddy" or her "babies daddies not taking care of their child or children." This is a world I don't know about, other than being on the outside looking in. But as with everything else I have an opinion. At some point you had to have known the kind of guy you were dealing with before you got pregnant (red flags were probably flying high). And the fact that you still chose to not use protect with him, all while know his character, speaks volumes about you.

Now if your "baby daddy" was one way at first then completely flipped on you after you got pregnant or had the child this is not for you.

But 99% of the time you can usually spot a deadbeat a mile away. And that characteristic is shown to you by how he handles other things in his life. So while you complaining on Facebook and Twitter that you haven't heard from him, he's out there being the same guy he was when you first met him.

You in turn need to take the situation for what it is and start to figure out how to live life without him. And this applies to everything in our lives. We all imagine situations working out one way in our minds, but in actuality they always turn out a different way. That's what happened to me in my Road to Brooklyn. And yes it bothered me that certain things didn't work out the way I wanted them to, but as things changed, I had to changed with them.  

The point of my rant is to say stop complaining an move on. Yes of course trying to raise a child by yourself is hard, and yes of course you want your child's Father in their life. But man, at some point you have to realize complaining is not going to make any situation better. And doing that crap on Facebook and Twitter is super tacky.

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