Sunday, July 14, 2013

He Was Someone's Son

Regardless of who you feel is responsible for Zimmerman being found not guilty...
Regardless of what you feels needs to happen for this to never happen again to any other person...
And regardless of if you feel race played a role in this case or not...

There is one important thing to remember, Trayvon Martin was a person and he had a family.

I think we all got so outraged with this case, and many others, that we sometimes think of the victims as a symbol or object and forget that they were an actual person.

Saturday July 13, 2013 I went to the movies to see Fruitvale Station. Once the movie was over, before everyone could even literally walk out of the theatre, news spread of the not guilty verdict. To just get done watching Oscar Grant's story, to then immediately hear the outcome of the Zimmerman trial was painful.

It hurt me because, yes both Oscar and Trayvon were killed for no reason. But what hurts me the most is that both of these Black men were someone's son and brother. And Oscar was the father of a four year old little girl.

These acts of violence affect people in different ways. Some get angry and express the need for change and others become fearful. I don't ever want to know what family members of murder victims goes through. Especially the parents.

During the four week trial I would often think, "I feel sorry for Zimmerman." Sorry for him because if he would have just listened when the 911 operator said not to follow him, he wouldn't have the blood of Trayvon on his hands. Zimmerman deciding not to listen to the operator that night forever changed his life, in many ways.

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