Monday, July 8, 2013

Don't Be A Follower, Please!

Last week Jay-Z released his album, Magna Carta Holy Grail (which at this time I still have not listened to) and so I've been told he mentions Basquiat's name a few times. Now if you're a Jay-Z fan then you know he has mentioned Basquiat in his music before this album was released.

This past Saturday rapper 2 Chainz tweeted:

Now it's one thing to hear Jay-Z mention Basquiat's name a few time and wonder who he is, and then go do your research and eventually become a fan of his work. And it's a completely different thing to hear Jay-Z mention Basquiat and then say you want to buy a painting because of that mention. 

Who knows what 2 Chainz was thinking when he tweeted this. Maybe he actually does know about Baquait and is now inspired to own some of his work. I don't claim to know much about Basquiat's work, but I know one thing: I have no intent on buying anything just because someone else talks about it. Them mentioning it might open my eyes to something I've never heard of before. But my eyes being opened just leads to me doing my own research and making MY OWN decision on if I like it or not. 

Now if 2 Chainz actually does buy a Basquiat and hangs it up in his home, then what? Does he feel better because he, like Jay-Z, owns one? What does 2 Chainz say to people who have no idea who Basquait was when they ask why he bought the painting? "Ummm, I have one because Jay-Z raps about him."

Some may say 2 Chainz's tweet is nothing major and I'm thinking into it too much. But I am a thinker, it's what I do. And for me this tweet was so much more that what it is on the surface. In my opinion, it shows exactly what is wrong with our culture. Everyone wants to live the life that they see the next person living. No one wants to be themselves.

These days it seems like people are scarred to step out and be an individual. They would rather be what they see on "reality TV" and in videos, or what they hear in music then be themselves. And that is truly sad. Maybe it has to do with not fully being comfortable with one's self or it's just the fact that they haven't matured in their thinking yet. 

I like that Jay-Z raps about the life he is currently living. I think it's great that he's into art. But as fans of his music, it doesn't mean that everything he likes and does has to be applied to our lives. Don't follow what he does because you think he's cool and is making something popular by rapping about it. Research what he does and see if it's applicable to your life. And if it's not, have no problem to say "I'm not interested in that, or I just don't get it." 

I have more respect for a person that tells me that, rather than have a painting or something else and not be able to explain the significance of it and the role it plays in their life. 

Stop being a follower and like what you like, because YOU LIKE IT!

I know we've all heard this before, but it is so relevant and true:


  1. Daily dose of truth, brought to you by Tamika.

    Amen on all of the above. I found the quality of my life has improved when I started doing things that were true to me.

  2. Over the years I've come to realize in order to become a Great Leader you must first become a Great Follower. Using common sense along with knowing right from wrong is key. And with great power comes great responsibility. For example, a fireman playing with fire in front of kids, a cop playing with a gun in front of kids or a clergyman tattooing his congregation. We as adults, parents, and children of God should take heed whom our kids look up to. There are wolf in sheep clothing among us. Some do not know they are wolf or that they are playing for the wrong team. We've all heard people in defense of wrong doings say things like, "he did it with the best intentions." Well Nukes were made with the best intentions. In order for our kids to have it better than we did, we must pray, pay attention to our surroundings, watch whom we put on a pulpit, in a classroom or in office. We also need to be responsible and not become blind followers. Ask questions and don't play in gray areas. Life is about lines, Black & White no gray!

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