Tuesday, June 11, 2013


This time last year I was in California and was a few days away from my last day of working for a company where I held a position for almost six years. (You can read about that experience here).

Today, I'm in a completely different place, emotionally and physically. I have not had a steady 9-5 job since I left my position last year. To some this may be looked at as a bad thing but it has been a good thing for me. Within this last year a lot has changed for the better in my life.

But I am most thankful that without a steady paycheck I have been able to survive and not go without anything. God has kept me financially stable through various ways. Whether it's been through freelance work, earring sales, or help from my parents; I have been able to live worry-free.

But don't get me wrong, after working for so long and having benefits and a steady paycheck, I do find myself getting frustrated and sometimes bored. But I am constantly reminded to take this time and enjoy it!

Enjoy the fact that I am in a new city and can go take in all the things it has to offer on a daily basis. God has given me this time to fulfill many creative ventures that have been in me for some time now. And I know for a fact that if I worked a full time job I would be too lazy to come home and fulfill the desires of my heart.

What I am enjoying most about my free time is that I am able to sit and reflect on all the positive changes  in my life and constantly realize I wouldn't have made it this far without God.

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