Wednesday, May 22, 2013

"Latinos in US Popular Music" Exhibition

Yesterday I visited the American Sabor: Latinos in US Popular Music exhibition

The exhibition explores the influence Latinos have had on popular genres of music.
Including Jazz, Hip Hop, Rock N' Roll, and R&B.

From the 1940s to the present; several artists are featured in the exhibit.

The exhibit has five different sections. 
Each showcases how a specific city in the US  
played a major role in Latino music production. These cities include:
LA, Miami, New York, San Antonio, and San Francisco.

The exhibit also includes two videos, various music stations, 
a juke box, and dance floor.

As usual, I did not follow the exhibition rules.  
I took a few pictures...
Under each photo I have added a link to that artist's music.

Willie Colón & Héctor Lavoe "La Murga De Panama"

Tito Puente "Oye Como Va"
La Lupe "El Carbonero"

Celia Cruz & Willie Colón "Usted Abusó"

The exhibition will be on display until July 13, 2013

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