Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Jesus & Hip Hop

Last night I saw a few people post the above picture of Kanye's new album cover, which is 
entitled "Yeezus." Though it has not been confirmed if this is in fact his album cover or not,
many people found this to be very inappropriate. 

I wouldn't be surprised if this ended up being Kanye's album cover. 
Remember his 2006 Rolling Stone cover...

Whether you agree with this image or not, let's not forget other rappers have done 
the same thing in the past. 

Kanye West 2006 Rolling Stone cover 

"Kanye claims that his life is similar to Christ's, saying that he has had to fight for 
recognition and suffer for success. 'If I was more complacent and started 
 to let things slide, my life would be easier, but you all wouldn't be as entertained. 
My misery is your pleasure', he is quoted as saying."

Tupac "Makaveli" album cover

"The album cover, which features Shakur on the cross in an attempt to convey 
his crucifixion by the media, is intended to imply an artistic 
resurrection and according to some of his fans a literal one after his death."

The Game's "Jesus Piece" album cover

"Game explained the concept of Jesus Piece does not have a spiritual theme, 
but it would have a 'Gangster' theme of enjoying life while also having faith in God."

Nas- "Hate Me Now" video

"There's a play in New York City where a black man played Jesus, and caught 
a lot of flak. I think, even the mayor at the timeGiulianiwas against it. 
So my thing was I wanted to be crucified like Jesus in the video, 
to get back at all those people that don't want to see a black man doing his thing."

This really isn't anything new in Hip Hop...


  1. Kanye West is nothing like Jesus! He doesn't live like Jesus, look like Jesus or even act like Jesus. Everything Yeezus does is for himself. Jesus did not do things because he had an attention problem, he did it for the greater good, our future...FOR US!!!
    Kanye is doing nothing but embarrassing himself and the black community. Do as Jesus did...Stand for something an icon or someone all the youth and your own kid can be proud of not the train wreck you are, because NOTHING you do resembles Jesus.

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