Friday, May 3, 2013

2 Years & Counting...

Two years ago today I posted my first Blog entry...

What started out as a way for me to share my thoughts and showcase things I like, has now become so much more to me. This Blog is a conversation starter, has helped me get writing gigs, to now having people reach out to me to be featured on it. This Blog shows my growth as not only a writer but also as a person.

From making sure there is new content posted every few days to making sure it's visually appealing; in some kind of way my blog has become my little baby. Because it constantly need my attention, and I have to remained dedicated to it.

With the music and clothing posts, my thoughts on certain issues, and my personal stories; this Blog truly is about stuff I enjoy. My thoughts and opinions that are posted on here are really things I discuss with friends. Nothing I post on here is for attention or shock value. It's just me expressing myself through my passion of writing.

When I first decided to start this Blog I told myself I wanted it to grow organically and readers would support it simply because they like the content. I'm proud of myself for not wavering from my original intent. To this day I still only post things that spark a reaction and grab my attention, because I have to stay true to who I am.

In a previous post I wrote about being an inspiration through my writing. It's the best feeling in the world to receive emails from people I don't know telling me how much they enjoyed something I wrote or how I inspired them.

When you share your passion with the world you open yourself up to receive any kind of feedback, positive or negative. So I am very thankful that within the last two years I have received nothing but positive feedback about my Blog.

Thank you for supporting this Blog, reading my articles, and purchasing earrings. I'm working on several new ventures so stay tuned.

"This blog is the Essence of who I am, it's the Essence of Me." -Tamika Burgess

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