Monday, April 8, 2013

"Love Me How I Love"

Love me how I love 
by Elizabeth Acevedo

He speaks saxophone 

And I want to be his favorite Nina Simone song

Maybe “Feeling Good” or “Wild is the Wind”
Want him to breathe me;

Let me be a memory
He will tell grandchildren about,
As he becomes the wrinkles at the corners of my eyes,
Proof of smiles and sunlight, 

I want to be his un-charted, un-finished city

But only if he’ll be my architect

Kissing blueprints onto my spine 
I want him to be a town I’ve never visited
And refuse to be a tourist in,
A place that I will call home

Let him be fire, I will be air

So together we will be fire-breathers

Sun-eaters, hugging stars in our mouths,
Smoke-speakers, teachers of interlocking elements.

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