Thursday, April 11, 2013

Do We Really Care?

Here's my rant:

Yes we all love Beyonce and Jay-Z but some people take it too far. I like their relationship because I feel they are a good example for the Black community. So often Black men (and women) don't know how or don't want to commit because they have never seen it done successfully. So I am all for their relationship.

But what I don't like is the fact that every move they make is talked about. Yes, Jay-Z is the best in Hip Hop and yes he continues to expand and grow by being a part of new ventures. Yes, Beyonce is a good performer and makes good music. But at some point people have got to stop talking about these two.

I recently heard someone refer to their daughter Blue Ivy as "the golden child." Like really! That's too much.

I've been a fan of Jay-Z's since I first heard "Who Ya Wit" in 1997. And a Beyonce fan since "No No No" was released that same year. But where they spend their anniversary, who Beyonce is talking about in the song "Bow Down," and other aspects of their lives isn't important me at all.

I know we live in a celebrity obsessed society but I think I would prefer media outlets focus on more important stuff... rather than chasing these two around the world.

Anything they do gets glorified or scrutinized. Their lives/actions should not make us stop living ours.

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