Monday, April 29, 2013

Are We Missing The Point?

I came across this picture a few weeks ago and posted it on my Tumblr
The other night I was going through all my comments and noticed that many people had 
a lot of negative things to say about the picture.

The main comment that I saw over and over was that instead of showing a White Latina,
the picture should have an Afro-Latina. 

Now look! I am the first person to always say everyone is entitled to their opinion so
I am going to let the comments on Tumblr live on and continue flourish.

But here is my opinion: I am Afro-Latina. And when I first saw the picture YES I thought 
"Where's the black girl?" 

I would have loved to see this picture include
an Afro-Latina, but I would not want the White Latina replaced.
All three should be present. 

I understand Afro-Latino representation is scarce and it's important that we get recognized.
But I also think us Afro-Latinas should not want to take away from other Latina's that
also want/need to be represented. 

I have no idea if the illustrator of the picture intentionally left the Afro-Latina out...

But the reason I like this picture is because of the message at the bottom of it. 
"People who do not look like you can also be Latino."

Before people start to even understand anything about Afro-Latinos, they need to understand that 
you can be any race and be of Latin decent. 

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  1. I agree totally....also we cannot erase/replace a race just because we are not included. If we do that we are no better than the racist that left us out of the category. Folks just need to expand their minds and know that each ethnicity contains a wide variety of colors (races).