Tuesday, March 26, 2013

When Certain Lyrics Go Too Far...

Sometimes I have really sit and question my love for this thing called Hip Hop music. Yes, it's a culture that pushes the limits and ruffles several feathers. But for the most part, as with any genre of music, it is supposed to be a form of expression.

But what happens when the form of expression leaves me, the listener, with a concerned feeling? This was the case when I was on twitter the other day and saw people tweeting about some Rick Ross lyrics, in which he glorifies date rape.

“Put molly all in her champagne/ She ain’t e’en know it/ I took her home and enjoyed that/ She ain’t e’en know it” 

*Molly: Is a pure form of the drug ecstasy*

Now listen, I have been a Hip Hip fan since the age of like 9 or 10 so trust me when I say I have heard pretty much all the bad, ridiculous, and inappropriate things rappers have had to say. But in this day and age when we have situations like what happened in Steubenville,OH happening daily. I think it was in poor taste for Rick Ross to rap such lyrics.

Click here to listen to the entire song.

I really hope this trend of glorifying date rape doesn't continue in Hip Hop, unless someone is rapping about stopping it, not committing it.

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