Friday, March 22, 2013

Watch Your Tone!

It's crazy how the same word can have different meanings based on the tone of voice used to say it...

One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone speaks to me with the incorrect tone. And this goes for texting, emailing, and any other form of communication. At my last job, the company paid for an instructor to come into the office to teach employees about how certain words used in emails can be interpreted as rude. That class is probably the most valuable thing I learned while at that job.

And because I don't like people talking to me crazy, I try my hardest to use the appropriate tone when expressing myself, especially when upset. I pay even closer attention to this when communicating in emails and texts. Since these forms of communication are open to interpretation, a simple conversation can easily go wrong. And that's why it's so important to watch how you say/type things.

If I have to think twice about the way I speak to others then they should do the same when it comes to speaking to me. But here's the problem with my logic... everyone doesn't think like me. Some people couldn't care less about how they speak to people, yet have the nerve to expect respect...

Anyways, the bottom line is we all need to pay attention to how we speak to each other. Even though this is asking a lot of most people... It's important that we all TRY to treat and speak to people the way we want to be treated and spoken to.

Moral of the story, watch how you talk to people.

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