Monday, March 4, 2013

You Should Be Listening To: "Poetic Justice"

From all the Hip Hop entries that I post on here, by now everyone should 
know that I would much rather support and listen to a rapper that puts thought into
not only their musical content, but also their imagery. 

Kendrick Lamar is so conscious of doing this and I love it. In the 
video below he talks about why he chose to feature Brittany Sky, a woman of
a darker complexion in his video for the song "Poetic Justice."

In an industry where the "exotic" look seems to be most popular, 
I think it's good that Kendrick took note of the fact that not all his
female fans look like the women featured in Hip Hop videos. I guess this
could possibly be a form of actual Poetic Justice... 

I'm glad there are still people that care about stuff like this. As a fan of the music and
music videos I am kind of desensitized to how women look in videos. Meaning I am
not phased by the fact that I rarely see women who look like me. But
on the flip side, the way some women act in certain videos... I am sometimes glad 
I don't see myself represented. 

Either way, kudos to Kendrick for this!

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