Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Black Is Beautiful Part II

After writing yesterday's post, I thought more about the fact that 
people have negative images of Black women because they need to see
more positive images. 

So in an effort to do my part, I reached out to a few of my friends to get their take on 
how they stay confident when we as Black women are constantly 
bombarded with negative images our ourselves. 


"In order to counteract negative images of Black women, I avoid buying into stereotypes as well as perpetuating them. I don't believe it's fair to put any person in a "box" based on their race. When I hear negative comments said about Black women I think about all the Black women I know who don't fit that profile at all. I'm able to reflect on who these women are because I make sure to surround myself with a group of women who are positive, goal oriented, and motivated. I avoid associating myself with people whether male or female Black or White, that promote negativity in any form. Having good examples of successful women in my life as well as accomplishing my own personal goals boosts my confidence."


"While negative images of Black women seem to be in abundance these days I keep myself above it by focusing on family, friends, career, and necessity. Self love and transparency have made me realize that I am not at all interested in most of the popular trends. I’ve committed to staying true to who I am no matter if my opinion is “popular” or simply shared by one other human being. Every day I explore the woman that I am hoping to evolve so that I maintain my idea of happiness while also connecting with the world around me."


"I am a lot of different things but to sum it up I am first and foremost a free spirit, a poet, activist, and a writer. It's in my nature to question and challenging everything. I do a lot of that through my poetry and I think its in that way that I don't allow other people's negative perceptions to destroy my confidence. Not only is my poetry extremely personal but its raw. I'm not afraid to expose things about myself, good or bad. Doing this shows others that I'm not afraid of my flaws. Admitting them out loud is admitting that we all have imperfections. And that's ok. So it doesn't matter what anyone else has to say because I'm ok with myself."


"I march to the beat of my own drum. I'm sure people don't like who I am or a lot of what I do. I'm far from perfect and I don't claim to be. But I thank God everyday for the person I am, and ask him to teach the clueless and lost his will and ways, and diminish negativity. You can't tell people the way to be, so I feel that prayer works best. It's gotten me through my darkest days. I talk to my nieces and my little girl cousins, and I remind them that black is beautiful! I tell them that ALL MEN will treat them the way they act and see themselves. I let them know about the positive influence Black women have had AND STILL HAVE in this world, and how different it is now because I don't condone or agree with a lot of what society puts out there. I tell them that not everything on TV and radio is right. I let them know the importance of self respect and an education."


"I do not let negative images of Black women break my confidence because I stay secure with myself. As a woman, daughter, and mother, I am secure in being the woman God created me to be. And that is what holds my foundation and also gives me the push to stand as who I am. My struggles, my fears, and set backs only build my motivation for me to achieve more." 

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