Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Road To Brooklyn ~ Part IV

However, the most important thing about this was during the whole time I had an inner-peace. I never felt that I would be returning to California with my mom. But I was nervous about how things would work out and I remember simply praying, “Lord, please let your will be done.”

Being the obedient believer that my mother is, she followed the Holy Spirit’s direction when she was prompted to extend the hotel room until the day she was set to leave. And that Thursday evening I started my Craigslist search again, this time for my own apartment and I came across a broker in Brooklyn. My mom gave him a call and we met up with him on Friday morning.

He took us to a few different places, all of which I was not pleased with. The neighborhoods were excellent but I was accustom to a California way of living. So certain things that would be standard in a California apartment were not included in these Brooklyn apartments. Plus the buildings were very old.

I thought, “Lord is this REALLY were you want me to live?” But besides that, who was going to pay for the rent and all my bills? Like I previously said, I had everything planned out. So I had only planned on paying $500 a month for a room, not over a thousand dollars for an apartment. But again I pushed my plans to the side and followed the Lord. And my parents said they would help me until I got a job.

By the end of the day I had the keys to my new apartment. So we literally woke up on Friday morning not knowing where I was going to live, to going to bed that night with my own place. (No one can tell me that wasn’t the work of the Lord).

The situation I was in wasn’t what I expected at all. But I kept telling myself there has to be a reason as to why God wants it to be done this way. He saw that I did my part by saving my money and making my plans to get to NYC. I honestly feel the Lord allowed me to see that initial room advertisement to get me to leave California. Because there was no way I was leaving without (thinking I had) somewhere to live in NYC.

So He got me to NYC and pushed my plans to the side and put me on the right path, His path.

As I sit here writing this in my Brooklyn apartment. I think back to how far I have come. From being at my parent’s house to living across the country from them. I think about how far I have come from living without knowing my purpose to now knowing that my passion is to write.

I have learned a lot on this journey and have learned a lot about myself.

One thing this journey has taught me is regardless of what the situation looks like, I need to always have faith. This is something I have heard my entire life in church, but there is nothing like living it and seeing what faith can do in your life.

The biggest lesson I learned is yes we need to plan and prepare and do our part. But don’t get so wrapped up in the plan because God might be working things out for you in a different way.

Remember, if things start to go differently than you planned, trust the Lord and flow with his changes. He really does see the bigger picture and has a better plan.


*My reminder that I'm on the right path... and always have been*

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  1. I like the title. This story kept me tuned in. It needs to be inserted into a movie for all to see. Couple more years and you'll have enough material for a tell all TB production :) Good Luck and I'm proud of you Pico.