Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ice Cube vs O'Shea Jackson

Recently I had a conversation with a few people about Hip Hop music 
and how it has changed throughout the years.

Then we started talking about 90s rappers who have changed their image and 
of course Ice Cube's name came up several times. The people I was talking to
said Ice Cube could no longer sell himself as a gangsta rapper because he makes 
movies that cater to children/families. Some even said he has ruined his image.

This is where I had to interject. If you've learned anything about me from reading 
my blog, I hope you noticed that I am a BIG advocate for 
change and growth. We grow older in age, our bodies change, 
therefore our thought process and actions should 
also change. It only make sense.

We were introduced to Ice Cube in the late 80s. Back then he was rapping about
violence, drugs, and his reality. His music throughout the years may not
have been politically correct, but he always had a message for listeners.

A perfect example of this is his lyrics while apart of the group N.W.A.
N.W.A. did a good job of telling the world about their reality, through music, as they saw it.
Some may say his music was inappropriate, but his talent can not be denied... then or now.

But what people forget is that just as Hip Hop music has grown and changed,
so have Hip Hop artists. There's no way Ice Cube could have all the success he has now and
still be rapping about things that are currently happening in the hood. He doesn't
live that life anymore. He's married and has kids, 
so why wouldn't his creativity replicate that?

I don't understand why people discredit him because he has grown up.
I'm glad to see anyone move on in life and make positive changes. 

People need not to be afraid to grow up and give up childish activities.
Growth and change is a part of life, embrace it. 

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