Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How I'm Inspired

Inspiration these days is something that I feel is kind of hard to find. When you look around there are plenty of reasons that can cause a person to be unmotivated and lazy. In my opinion people are so focused on a quick come up, they are not interested in putting in the necessary work to reach their dreams and achieve their goals. Seeing these types of people is precisely what inspires me.

“While others are trying to get on an elevator to obtain success, I have no problem taking the stairs. It builds character.” This quote helps me stay inspired to work hard and stay focused in life. I am not sure where I heard it or who said it, but this quote has been my inspiration for a few years now. In the past when times were hard or I felt like my struggle was in vain, I used this quote as a reminder that everything I am going through is for a reason. Climbing the stairs to the top has and continues to make me better person. It has helped me grow stronger, spiritually and mentally. This is important because whenever I triumph to the top, over specific situations and hurdles, I know I am equipped to handle the good and the bad that comes along with success.

I know this to be true because as I think back to certain situations that I am no longer in, I know the struggle (the stairs) is what made me stronger. And I know if I had found a quick way to get out of the situation, I would not have learned anything and would not have grown from it. Knowing that I am working hard to fulfill my dreams is what keeps me inspired to achieve them. Knowing that I will not cheat, connive, steal, or lie my way to success is what inspires me. 

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