Sunday, December 9, 2012

Finally, A Good TV Show

If you haven't watched ABC's Thursday night series Scandal, you are definitely
missing out. The show is filled with twists and turns that you'd never think were coming. 
It's excellently written and really keeps your attention, week after week.
And Kerry Washington does a great job in her leading role as Olivia Pope.

I recently learned the character Olivia Pope was inspired by Judy Smith.
Judy Smith is a crisis management expert and has handled several high profile cases.

Having taken crisis communication classes in college, I know it takes skill,
dedication, and creativity to work in such a field. And with all the shocking activities
high profile people engage in these days, I am sure Judy is in high demand. 

Based on this article I read about her, I have to say Judy is on her game.
The article gives insight to what Judy does and talks about how 
she hid Monica Lewinsky from the press during her scandal with President Clinton.

Judy's phone number is not listed, she has no business cards, and no website. 
Yes, she is that good. No promotion needed!

Judy Smith's bio

I'm glad the show Scandal is inspired by a black woman, 
created and written by a black woman,
and stars a black woman.

It proves that not all black women on TV have to act ignorant to gain success.

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