Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Adjusting To My New Surroundings

So I have been in NYC (Brooklyn) for a little over a month now and I have mixed reviews. I defiantly love it and am still happy with my decision to move here. But I am so accustom to California standards. NYC is an old place, and is far from what I know as normal, so feeling comfortable is going to take some time.

Being the Cali girl that I am, sandals are my favorite things to wear. But since the day I left California I have not had the pleasure of wearing any. Adjusting to wearing closed toe shoes has been kind of weird. So I'll patiently wait for summer to roll around so I can sport my sandals again.

Another thing I have to adjust to is all the Mom & Pop and specialty stores. Instead of going to one store to buy everything, I have to walk down the street and stop at each store to pick up different things. NYC is different in the sense that Walmart or Target are not radially available. When I lived in Long Beach, CA there was a Target about 10 mins away in any direction.

UGH, None recognizable food places!!!! Of course there is McDonald's and Burger King. But where is Panda Express? Where is Dominoes? Where are the Taco Shops? Sure I can find these places when I venture into Manhattan or Downtown Brooklyn, but in my neighborhood I am subjected to random places that I know nothing about and am not interested in trying...

The biggest adjustment that I am slowing making is that I no longer have a car. Riding the subway is great and is very convenient. My beloved Q- Train gets me everywhere I need and want to be. However a quick trip to the store or to get something to eat now consists on me putting on a few layers of clothes and walking several blocks.

But on the flip side, one thing I love that California does not have is the various coffee shops. My local coffee shop is the best place! Not only is the food good, but the owners play 90's Hip Hop music all day. I can easily spend at least 4 hours in there on my laptop and feel right at home.

As time passes I know I will adjust and everything will become second nature. Good or bad, this is my new home! 

"Spread love, it's the Brooklyn way." - Notorious BIG

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