Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Does This Make Black People Look Bad?

Earlier today four suspects robbed a bank and lead offices on a wild high speed pursuit that ended in South Los Angeles. If you live in LA then you know these highway pursuits are the norm. There have actually been several in the last couple of days, including one that ended with gunfire in Downtown LA last night.

But today's pursuit ended differently than I've ever seen. Once the suspects got off the freeway and entered the South LA area, they rode through neighborhoods tossing the stolen money out to citizens on the streets. And since many local LA news channels were broadcasting the pursuit live, more and more people came outside to see if they could get some of the money. People actually put their lives in danger for a chance at getting some money because the suspects was driving very fast through residential areas.

I really did not like seeing black people running out into the street, risking getting hit by a car, for what could have been $1 bills. It just looked sad and was a poor representation. I know South LA is not the most wealthiest of areas, but still... I wished I wouldn't have witnessed that level of ignorance. And when the pursuit ended, as the police officers tried to get the suspects out of the car, people swarmed the car as if they wanted to get in it to get additional cash. Seeing the cops trying to make the citizens back up reminded me of the LA Riots.

And as usual the folks on Twitter had much to say about this situation. One person tweeted: "Watching this sh*t makes me embarrassed to be black and extremely fortunate that I'm not from LA." Which lead to much backlash. But one person said it best when they twitted: "[This] makes niggas look bad, African Americans still cool." Which I can agree with. No matter what race, there are always those ignorant individuals who will always do uncalled for stuff and see nothing wrong with it.

Instead of getting out of the way so the police could do their job, these people opted to stand in the way and toss up gang signs to the news cameras... And rapper The Game didn't help the situation at all. When news anchors tried to sway people from picking up the money that was on the streets, saying it was marked and they could get prosecuted if caught, he decides to tweet: "Aye look, that money aint marked...the news tryna scare you... go spend dat sh*t asap!!!" Why he would use his platform to encourage foolishness is beyond me.

Oh! And to add injury to insult the baby mama of one of the suspects was there with her child when the pursuit ended. She gave an interview to the news and said she "didn't like the way the police handled her." uuummmm why in the world was she there with her child in the first place?!?!?! Even if the police did treat her incorrectly, had she kept herself at home she would have never been in that situation. Sorry I just can't get with this crap at all, and will never condone it.

"There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action." - Johann Wolfgang

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