Friday, August 3, 2012

Wait! What?!?!

Please read this first Dear Sistas, Give Gabby's Hair A Break and then you will understand my rant:

Are people really commenting on a 16-year-old girl's hair texture? I love my people, but sometimes I really can't with y'all. Gabby's hair looks fine. When I first starting seeing her, I never once thought anything about her hair. So I was literally shocked when I started seeing the negative comments on Twitter.

And even if her hair did in fact look bad, Gabby has way more important things to focus on than what hair options to rock during the Olympics.

Why are Black women always bringing each other down? It's so sad that instead of encouraging Gabby, grown women are speaking negatively about her because of something so trivial as her hair. It's tacky, rude, unnecessary, inappropriate, and is a poor representation of us... and we wonder why some of our own Black men speak negatively and generalize us...

Rock on, Gabby!

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