Monday, August 13, 2012

"Smudge On The Window"

I am not your average girl, lady, women, female friend, lover, student. 
Nor do I hold a common dialogue spoken with every days words or slang. 
For I am the word unmentioned but I am the title that titles like 
girl, lady, women, and females friends inspire to be. 

My love isn't defined by my words that are repeated over and over without action 
nor is my mouth speaking love phrases with a heart that is absent. 
I don't walk in a straight line nor do I draw in one. 

Sometime my steps are skipped and my lines turn into circles and my 
steps run into dead ends. Often times my pursuit for happiness feels 
impossible and my journey post self made detour signs label fear the unknown. 
And my eyes grow tired from trying to detail everyone else's outlined image of me. 
And although my smile is sincere there is always a smudge 
on the glass to remind me that my picture doesn't have to be perfect.

~Mercedes Snowden

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