Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Colorado vs. Wisconsin

For those that know me personally you know that I am all about treating people equally and fair. So since Sunday this has been on my mind heavy...

I first heard about the Temple shooting in Wisconsin via twitter and I immediately starting flipping through the TV channels to get the full story. I figured because it was mid-day, on a Sunday that I probably wouldn't see any news stories until later that night; which I did.

But the coverage was short and to the point and then the news cast moved on to other stories of the day. It left me thinking, "Is that it? Six people are dead and the FBI is referring to the case as 'Domestic Terrorism' and the news only talks about it for 2 mins."

I immediately thought back to that Friday morning in July when I learned about the Theater shooting in Colorado. I remember sitting on the couch all day watching the endless news coverage about it. It was the same information being reported over and over. But the point is, there was full coverage of what happened.

Here we are two days after the shooting in Wisconsin and the news coverage still has not increased and I am very confused as to why that is.

Is it because the people that were killed in Wisconsin don't fit the "stereotypical look" of what some people feel an Americans is?

Is it because sadly some Americans mistake Sikhs for terrorists and the news media figures they shouldn't focus on the story?

A few days after the shooting in Colorado the news reported plenty of facts about the people that were killed in the theater. It seemed like the journalists searched to get information to share the life stories of the people that were killed. But for some reason this is not happening with the Temple shooting victims. Now the only coverage I'm seeing is on CNN, thanks to Anderson Copper.

Maybe it's just how my mind works, but to me there seems to be some discrimination going on here. We're always telling each other not to discriminate, but how are people suppose to NOT do that when their nightly news is doing it for them...

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  1. Great blog. I also think media is all about "the spin" and the fact that we had another act of random violence within a months time never sits well especially in an election year. There are thousands of meaningful stories everyday that get a 30 sec time block just so we can hear about Kim Kardashian tweeting another picture of herself for 2mins.