Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hating Your Own

There has always been and will always be the never ending battle over Black men dating White women. It's something I constantly read about on Twitter. And yesterday was no different when @officallyice twitted out his 10 Reasons Black Guys Prefer White Girls. This list had "Black Twitter" buzzing for hours.

At the end of the day your preference is your preference and that is your own business, and it doesn't affect me at all. But reading this list reminded me of the countless Black men that speak negatively about Black women, just so they can validate their choice to date women (mostly White women) of other races.

It's something I constantly see, even within my own family. I find it sad and tacky when you have to bash women of your own race to make yourself feel better about your dating choices. Yes, there are plenty of Black women that carry themselves in an inappropriate manner. But please don't apply your generalizations about them to me or any other Black woman that carries herself with dignity and class. 

And the same goes for Black women. Yes there are those Black men that aren't about anything as described in @iBLONDEgenius' response to @officiallyice's list, 10 Reasons Black Women Are Disgusted With The Way The Black Man Is Handling Himself. But the fact that one Black men hurt you does not mean you bash the entire race. I know I can name over 100+ Black men that are doing positive things with their lives and want to be with a Black woman.

Anyways, my point- you sound ignorant and dumb when you speak negatively about people, mostly the women of your own race.

PS- I like @iBLONDEgenius' list because she didn't promote another race over her own. She pointed out the things that (SOME, NOT ALL) Black men need to work on. You may not agree with everything she listed, but I'm sure you can relate to a few things on her list.

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