Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Here's my rant...

So one thing that really annoys me is when people are ignorant about race issues. I mean I get that everyone doesn't know everything, but in my opinion when you don't know about certain stuff you should keep your mouth shut. Or ask legitimate questions so you can learn.

What am I talking about you ask? I am talking about the fact that people don't even try to understand the difference between race and ethnicity. Yes I am black, and by the way, YES I am of Latin descent. And YES, it is possible to be both.

Having grown up in California I would think people would be more understanding of this, but that is not the case. I understand that in Cali we are more accustom to seeing Mexican people. But still, just because my family speaks Spanish and listens to Salsa music does not mean we are Mexican.

My point is, I'll be happy when I can tell someone I am a black Panamanian (with West Indian roots) and NOT get responses such as "Is Panama in Mexico?" or "Well if you're Panamanian, then how are you black?" smh

"Your ignorance cramps my conversation" - Bob Hope


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