Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father Your Daughters

"Women's childhood relationships with their father are important to them all their lives. Regardless of age or status, women who seem clearest about their goals and most satisfied with their lives and persona and family relationships usually remember that their fathers enjoyed them and were actively interested in their development." - Stella Chess

I think messages like the one Nas is giving in the video below are so important. Of course it's important to father your sons too. But the relationship between a daughter and her father will set the tone for how she lets men treat her for the rest of her life.

Nas "Daughters"

I know this to be fact simply because of my relationship with my father. My father never had to sit me down and give me a speech about how men should treat me, he taught me through his actions.

I've never needed any man to pick up my father's slack because he never slacks when it came to me. Because my father has set high standards by the way he treats me, I will never lower mine.

Thanks Dad, Happy Father's Day!

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