Thursday, May 31, 2012

Role Models

This is the June/July 2012 cover of Vibe magazine. I'm not going to bash these Women because that happens everyday, on all kinds of different blogs. But I did want to write something about the headline on the cover, "Meet Your New Role Models." I do watch all the reality shows that each of these women are on and I take the shows as entertainment for the hour and then I move on with my life. But that is me speaking as a 29 year old woman, without any children.

But this magazine cover made me think, if I had a little girl how would I feel about her looking at these ladies behavior every week on television? Would my daughter understand the difference between entertainment and real life? Would my daughter think the way they handle certain situations is how she should?

Now trust and believe me when I tell you I can and will, just like these women, get an attitude and say and do things that I may later on not be proud of. BUT, I know for a fact if I could not control myself on television, I wouldn't be a part of any reality show.

Even though it may not be what they want, these women are representing their races/my race. So when people of other races watch these shows they assume we all act like these reality stars.

I respect each of these women for sharing their lives with the world and respect their hustles. But I often wonder if they are concerned with how they are shown on television and the image they are projecting of minority women...

“I make an active effort to remain a positive role model to kids. They need people to show them there's another way.”- M.C. Hammer

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