Wednesday, April 25, 2012

This Crazy World

Since I was in High School I always said I wanted to have 5 boys (never wanted any girls because I figured that was too much work). But as I got a little older that number decreased from 5 to 2 or 3 boys. But within the last year my desire to have ANY kids is slowly diminishing...

I would hate to bring a Black male into this world knowing how he could potentially get treated because of his skin color. It makes me nervous to think that my son(s) could possibly be treated like Rodney King, Sean Bell, Trayvon Martin, and all the other countless Black men who have been harassed & stereotyped because of their race.

Side note: And if dealing with race isn't enough, then you have weirdos trying to kidnap and rape children. You have the school system teaching your kids all kinds of nonsense. Kids are bullying each other, in person and on the internet. Then you have the law, which is suppose to protect you... but sometimes can turn into your worst enemy. Add all these things up, in addition to all the work it takes to raise a child or children, and it just seems really scary to me.

As noted in the above picture, "I am worried that I will have to prepare my children and tell them that they will be hated, feared, and demonized for absolutely no logical reason at all. It's not the past that saddens me, its the future." <---- Not a convo I am interested in having with my sons...

This is a horrible world that we live in. And it's sad that it continues on a downward spiral. In the event that I ever do actually have a child, I will be one hard praying mother...

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

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