Thursday, April 5, 2012

Kim Osorio: Straight from the Source

In my quest to read a new book every month, I recently finished "Straight from the Source," by Kim Osorio. She was the editor of The Source magazine at a significant time in Hip Hop. The book was written after she had stepped down as editor of the magazine and filed sexual harassment charges against the magazine's owners/creators, Dave Mays and rapper Benzino.

In the book Kim shares how she had to hide her relationships with rappers Nas and 50 Cent in order to keep her job. Keeping her relationship with Nas a secret was important because it could have compromised her integrity with the magazine. And keeping her relationship with 50 Cent a secret was critical because at the time 50 Cent and Eminem had a major beef going on with Benzino.

Basically the book is full of interesting stuff that Kim experienced while working for The Source. The book also gives good insight into how females are treated in the world of Hip Hop and how Kim dealt with and overcame those obstacles.

As someone who subscribed to The Source magazine in the 90s, I loved reading this book. If you like Hip Hop music and have been following the magazine, this book gives great insight to all the behind the sense drama that took place at the magazine. Including detailed information on why certain issues/stories were printed and how Benzino was using the magazine to promote his own rap group.

As of 2011, Kim is back at The Source as the editor and in my opinion you can see the difference in the quality of the magazine already. Kim clearly knows what she is doing and I appreciate her sharing her hustle to the top as one of Hip Hop's great journalist.

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