Friday, March 2, 2012

The Cosby Show

The Cosby show has got to be the best representation of a black family, better yet any family, on television. Today's generation has President Obama and his wife to look up to as role models. But the Huxtable family served as role models for past generations, and since the show still comes on it will continue to be a role model for generations to come.

With Cliff and his wife being a Doctor and Lawyer, they showed America that black people could have successful jobs and raise five kids. The relationship between Cliff and Claire was positive and is a necessary representation on TV, back then and especially now.

One thing I really love about the show was that the family had culture. They talked about all kinds of historic, real life events that happened in this country. They also featured many musical icons and discussed the importance of many things, including college.

I also like the fact that even thought the parents were successful, the kids made their own life decisions. I like this because it shows that even though our parents might want us to do certain things in our lives, it's ultimately our decision to make. This was clearly depicted with Denise and her on going saga of figure out what she wanted to do with her life.

No one can ever say this show did not play a key role in the advancement of Black people on TV.

"The Cosby Show is one of those few trailblazing programs that graced television screens and left an indelible mark." - Unknown

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