Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Announcement

This past Sunday ESPN aired a film called "The Announcement."
It's based on Magic Johnson's November 7, 1991 press conference
when he shocked the world with the news that he was HIV-positive.

The film goes into all aspects of his life, including how he told his wife,
his family, his son, and his teammates that he had the virus.

Overall, the entire film is a must see. But what had my attention
the whole time was Magic's wife Cookie.

Magic found out he had the virus the same year he and Cookie
were married, and just days after Cookie found out she was pregnant.

The fact that Cookie decided to stay with
him did not have me shocked, but had me questioning myself,
"Could I have stayed married to him?"

I have so much respect for her. She stayed with her husband in a tough situation.
A situation that many women would have left.

In the film Magic talks about how Cookie always encouraged him and stood
by his side, even when so-called friends turned their backs on him.

Loyalty is something that is VERY important to me.
In my opinion, Cookies actions were the
ultimate display of loyalty.

 "I never even thought about leaving, to stay by him
was not a hard thing to do."- Cookie Johnson

Additional info about the film: Here 

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  1. I remember this day well. Sad in so many ways, yet you are correct. Cookie is a strong and committed woman.