Friday, September 2, 2011

Black Love Is Beautiful

Outside of my family, it’s rare for me to meet people that grew up in a two-parent home. I meet plenty of people, specifically men that grew up without what I feel is a solid family structure (a two-parent home). Seeing our society living in such a way that causes me to sometimes doubt if I am ever going to be able to meet a man that actually wants to get married and stay married.

Not to knock anyone else’s choice of having children outside of marriage, but for me that is not the structure/order that I want to live by. I want to get married first, THEN have kids with my husband. Doing things in order and having a family structure is important to me because I have seen the different affects on both some men and some women who have grown up without a solid family foundation. And because many people are growing up without this kind of foundation, in many (not all) cases, a cycle is created and they themselves end up raising their family in the same structure they grew up in.

More specifically within the Black community, the contributing factor to the above mentioned is the lack of positive Black marriages shown in the media. I often see reports stating that Black marriages are on the decline and that Black women are finding their mate in other races. Personal preference is personal preference and everyone is free to love who they want. I think these types of studies and reports cause Black women like me to think we will not find a husband within our own race. Those studies also cause us to focus on the negative instead of paying attention to the FEW positive Black role models that are maintaining successful marriages.

President Obama and Michelle:

As we all know, President Obama gives hope to all Black men that one day they too can be President of this country. But the President also gives Black men an example of how to be the head of a household, how to conduct themselves in a marriage, and how to be a Father. The way President Obama give us examples is by the way he treats Michelle, the way he speaks about her, and how they are shown in photos together. Though no marriage is perfect, President Obama and Michelle seem to have a mutual respect for each other that is clearly seen when they interact with each other.

It’s clear to me that they work on their marriage so it can be successful. Seeing him set this example for young adult males gives me hope that I will actually find a man that is looking to have the same family structure that I desire to have; the same family structure that the Obama family has.

"You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams." -Dr. Seuss

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